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Welcome to our magic shop. Here you can buy amazing tricks, to amaze your audience:

Magic Tricks

Magic sets- Perfect for gifts!

Grafix mega magic hat set- 150 tricks.

Marvin's magic- mind blowing bag of amazing tricks!

Grafix mega magic hat set- 150 magic tricks, with a magic hat and wand. Comes with an instructions booklet. Rated 4/5 stars.

Marvin's Magic set- Comes with a DVD with performances of how the trick is done. Also comes with a shoulder bag. Rated 4/5 stars.

Coin Tricks

Dynamic coins

Magic coin- coin through card

Dynamic coins- Easy to perform and recommended by the magic circle. Recommended age: 8+

Coin through card- Recommended by the magic circle. Easy to perform and it comes with illustrated instructions.

Magic Books and DVDs

Magic complete course- Book and DVD

Mark Wilson's complete magic course- book

Magic complete course- This come with a book and a DVD all in one. This book was written by Joshua Jay.

Mark Wilson's complete magic course- This book gives on how to plan and stage for a magic show. It also gives you basic tricks, to much more advanced tricks, so this is suitable for everyone, beginners and professionals.


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