How to Become a Successful Magician

How to amaze your audience:

These are professional tips and tricks on how to become a successful magician. Rule 1 NEVER tell someone how you did your trick!!!!!!!!

1) Practice in front of any mirror so you are seeing what the audience will see when you perform the trick to them.

2) Practice a lot, as you won't want your trick going wrong in front of lots of people.

3) Don't allow your audience to be behind you when you are performing your trick as they might be able to see how the trick was done.

4) Never do the same trick to the same audience because it makes it easier for them to guess how you did your trick.

5) If you can, borrow objects from somebody in your audience because it makes the trick look even more realistic.

6) If you have a long trick (a card trick) try making it into a story to do with the trick. This will make the audience more interested in your trick.

7) Perform your very best tricks, to amaze your audience even more!

There are a few different ways of trying to become a famous magician:

1) Starting of your own YouTube channel, by showing off your tricks. You can grow your audience there. (like Dynamo did)

2) Sign up to be part of the magic circle.

3) Start off doing magic around pubs, parties, ferries and etc.

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