History of magic

Magic dates back to thousands of years before Christ. It is said that the first ever magic trick performed was the cups and balls trick.

Tommy Cooper was known for his magic and comedy. You can check out some of his famous jokes and find out when and how he died. Or you can buy his full biography, by visiting our biographies of famous magicians.

Harry Houdini was known for his great illusions, e.g: escaping from police handcuffs and escaping from prisons. Find out more about Harry Houdini who was a magician in the early nineteenth century.

The Magic Circle

The magic circle is a very popular magic society, which most famous magicians are all part of. The magic circle first begin in 1905. It was founded by 23 professional and some amateur magicians. Their plan was to create a magic club. They called it the magic circle. The first president of the magic circle was called David Devant. He was the greatest magician of his era. He died on the 13th October, 1941, at the age of 72 years old.