Famous Magicians

Here is some of the greatest magicians of our time:

 There are many famous magicians around the world. The most famous magician today is probably Dynamo, who is a street magician. The best illusionist in the world is David Copperfield who is aged 58. The best duo magicians are Penn and Teller, who are known for their amazing illusion tricks and their comedy. They currently hold their own TV show in America called Fool Us. Find out more interesting facts about these famous magicians, e.g: find out how Dynamo became a famous magician and how he got his nickname Dynamo. Find out what amazing illusions David Copperfield has done and how many times he has been in the Guinness World Records book. Find out about all of Penn & Teller's TV shows and right back to when they started.


Amazing Illusions

David Copperfield has performed many great illusions. Walking through the great wall of China, disappearing from an aeroplane and probably the best of all, making the statue of Liberty disappear. Penn & Teller have also performed some amazing illusions, like: catching a bullet in their mouth, which had been shot from a real gun!


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